Portfolio and Toolbox

What’s my experience?

  • I worked in various international scientific and industrial projects with focus on data cleaning and statistical evaluation.
  • I designed prototype software for complex machine tool systems where computer vision played an important role.
  • I worked with scientific, financial and medical data of structured and unstructured type and also built data-based representative web applications.
  • I have experience with machine learning frameworks, backtesting, loss evaluation and digital image processing.
  • I am experienced with publishing, presenting, simplifying and reporting the results.
Example D3.js project, representation of long time returns of index based funds.

What tools do I use?

Working with data, I typically use the following tools:

  • Python – Focus of the data analysis process should be the data, not the toolbox.
  • The Python Data Science Stack containing numpy, scipy, pandas, hdf5
  • Machine Learning and Computer Vision related libraries such as scikit-learn, keras, tensorflow, pytorch and OpenCV
  • D3.js – Dynamic browser based data vizualisations

What do I offer?

Consulting and Data Analysis

  • Assisting your decision making process with statistical methods. I will help you to find out which optimization potential and which potentials your data holds.
  • Statistical data analysis and presentation of the results on the basis of i.e. reveal.js, latex or any presentation form you like.
  • Time series analysis with real-time processing and application of mathematical methods such as Fourier analysis and cross correlation.
  • Data-based model development to ensure that future decisions are based on a substantiated basis. Customer loyalty, employee retention and client analysis are possible areas of application. Depending on the complexity of the data, classical methods and machine learning methods are provided.

Application Development

  • Clear and interactive presentation of analysis results as D3-based web applications
  • Python scripts for evaluation of live and existing data
  • Deep learning based model development (supervised and unsupervised) and transfer of models into production
  • Computer Vision Applications with focus on classification, object detection, object tracking


  • Introduction to python
  • Python for data science
  • Python training for specialist groups:
    • Python for scientists and engineers – strong focus on publishing-worthy graphs
    • Python for finance – time series analysis, stock price evaluation, return and optimization calculations
  • I provide all materials used in the training course for free use.
  • I customize the course content to the background and interests of the participants.